As one of the largest orchid nurseries in pot size 9 cm, brothers Herman and John de Vreede decided five years ago that a change was required at management level.
Strong growth, a lot of innovation and a quickly changing market made them realise that they needed external knowledge and experience to further guide the company into the future.
This beautiful 12-hectare company with four locations in Bleiswijk is now once again on the threshold of new developments and investments.

This was a perfect moment to pass the position of General Manager on to Ricardo Kraak (former Operational Manager) and a newly formed management team.
“As a family, we grew the business into its current size and market position”, says John de Vreede. “In a time in which everything is changing rapidly, the organisation has to adapt much more quickly.
I notice that nowadays the leader of an organisation of this size needs to have a different skillset.”
We are mainly passionate about automation and innovation. Leading a company that employs 140 people every day requires professionals.
Of course we needed time to get to where we are and to let go of things, this was certainly not easy. However, it also allows for other things in life.

Staying involved

As shareholders, we will stay involved, but our strength lies mostly in innovative entrepreneurship. With the positive steps that have been taken in the last few months, we, the shareholders, have full confidence and will always support our team.

This vibrant, enthusiastic team makes us feel good and confident about passing the baton. We believe that solidarity is the key to the future.

With this, De Vreede Holland is stepping into the coming decade with great confidence. A nice product, a robust organisation and the right people on board. It’s safe to say that we started 2020 off right.

De Vreede Holland is the reliable supplier of 9 cm Phalaenopsis. With 4 branches and a growing surface of 12 ha, De Vreede Holland is a specialist when it comes to 9 cm Phalaenopsis. The many years of experience and state-of-the-art production facilities guarantee the highest quality.

Photo: Ricardo Kraak (L) and John de Vreede (R) of De Vreede Holland.


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