New ideas and successful initiatives.

De Vreede Holland always looks ahead. We anticipate the requirements and needs of our clients. Today, together with you, we will lay the basis for new ideas and successful initiatives for the future.

Annual plan

All year long assured of problem-free deliveries.

Being in control means looking ahead. With this in mind, we will draw up an annual plan with you. This plan would include various themes, the desired delivery times and quantities ordered. That way you will be assured all year long of problem-free supply and an assortment that is always up to date.

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Our proven successes.

Sixty years of experience makes us a reliable partner.

  • We specialise in peak deliveries: 500,000 in a mixture of colours and 250,000 pieces based on variety from our largest varieties.
  • We announce our themes a year in advance.
  • We produce seven million plants a year to supply our clients: the 9 cm Phalaenopsis.
  • We have extended contracts with large retail companies.
  • Sixty years of experience make us a reliable partner.
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