Always surprisingly complete.

These days orchids are an unmissable part of every interior. With their many shapes and colours they fit perfectly with any interior design. The challenge is to constantly maintain consumer interest and to offer surprisingly new displays. And that is where we can contribute some good ideas.
If you have specific requirements in terms of colour or prefer a self-selected colour mix, no problem! Send us an email message and we will gladly consider the possibilities with you.

Orchidee takken

Number of branches

Supplies with one, two or three branches.

We can supply the 9-cm Phalaenopsis with one, two or three branches. Depending on the variety, one branch could carry between 12 and 18 flowers.
Want to know what would be the most appealing for your customer? Contact us. We can help.

Eight exclusive Phalaenopsis varieties

Excellent price-quality ratios.

De Vreede Holland cultivates eight exclusive Phalaenopsis varieties that consumers love: lovely to look at, with long shelf lives and outstanding price-quality ratios.

General specifications

Flower diameter: 6-7 cm
Pot size: 9 cm
Height: 35-42 cm
Leave size: 15-20 cm
Number of branches: 1-3
Flowering period: 3 months
Watering: immersion once a week
Storage temperature: 15-25 C
Available: year round



Colour: White
Flowers per branch: 10-18
Structure: Branched / slightly branched



Colour: Red Lip
Flowers per branch: 6-12
Structure: Branched / slightly branched


Buenos Aires

Colour: Pink, white flames
Flowers per branch: 12-18
Structure: Branched



Colour: Purple
Flowers per branch: 10-15
Structure: Branched



Colour: Pink
Flowers per branch: 10-15
Structure: Branched



Colour: Lime
Flowers per branch: 8-12
Structure: Branched



Colour: Harlequin white and purple
Flowers per branch: 6 - 12
Structure: Branched



Colour: Deep purple
Flowers per branch: 8 – 12
Structure: Branched

Made-to-measure products

Create your own collection.

Would you like a private label? No problem.  De Vreede Holland can supply made-to-measure products. We can offer you advice in composing your own collection. We can also provide labels and sleeves. Want to know more?

Our brands

The exclusive Phalaenopsis varieties from De Vreede Holland form the basis for four recognisable brands: Global Orchids, Global Orchids Plus, Global Orchids Special Collection and Orchids to Go.

Global Orchids

Spectacular colours.

The varieties within the Global Orchids collection are named after international cities: Buenos Aires, Cali, Jena, Manchester, Mukalla, Nairobi, Modesto and Venice. The colours are spectacular: from clear white to bright pink, from dark purple to lime green and from yellow with a red or spotted lip. All come with sleeves and/or labels.

Global Orchids Plus

Innovative presentation and packaging.

The Global Orchids Plus collection offers innovative creations in the area of presentation and packaging. We offer surprising ideas based on themes and holidays. For example: unique ceramic pots, glasswork, decorative markers and special sleeves. If you have special requirements based on a theme, let us know. We can do it all made to measure!

Global Orchids Special Collection

Decorative aura from unique shapes.

When you want to offer your customers something special, we recommend the Global Orchids Special Collection. With their unique shapes these orchids project a decorative aura. ‘Heart’ is especially suited for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. ‘Cascade’ is a festive eye-catcher due to its bent waterfall shape. Ideal for giving sales a new impulse.

Global Orchids To Go

A special collection with variation.

Orchids to Go is a special collection with impulse items: original gift wrapping, practical sleeves, handy carrying bags and different tubular packaging. (sheath packaging) The special collection changes every season, offering clients a variety of sub themes.

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