About De Vreede Holland

The leading supplier of 9-cm Phalaenopsis.

Who is de Vreede Holland?

Peak deliveries

De Vreede Holland is the leading supplier of 9-cm Phalaenopsis. We specialise in bulk-order deliveries. We guarantee uniform supply – always on time. Not surprisingly, we are the market leader in the supply of 9-cm orchids.

What we do best

We deliver the goods, literally and figuratively

Becoming a specialist is not easy. We have already been cultivating for more than 60 years, so we understand the ins-and-outs of the trade. We know what our customers need and we deliver the proverbial goods. The most beautiful Phalaenopsis, with guaranteed top quality: precisely what you need for the highest return. Want to know more? Contact us for a made-to-measure offer.

How do we do this?

With a view towards quality and the environment.

From propagation to delivery: we do everything in house. Our 140,000 square metre production hall is highly automated, enabling us to cultivate efficiently and innovatively. We do this with passion for our work – but also with a view towards quality and the environment. De Vreede Holland invests in sustainable production and social entrepreneurship. Our MPS Global GAP and SQ certification is proof of this.

The organisation

In this way, we remain the frontrunner in the sector.

In 2004, De Vreede Holland was the first company to introduce Phalaenopsis in a 9 cm pot. And we are still the leader today. But we never rest on our laurels. We continue to analyse the various process technologies to improve our cultivation methods. We look for lighting installations that are more energy efficient and develop new types of packing that dovetail better with our high environmental and transport standards. In this way, are still the frontrunner in the sector – and will continue to be in the future.

Really large!

De Vreede Holland has over 140,000 square metres: the equivalent of 112 Olympic swimming pools.

Facts & figures

The rich history of De Vreede Holland.

Much has changed since grandpa De Vreede started out as a gardener in 1948. Vegetable cultivation has become flower cultivation, expertise and professionalism have increased. Three generations later De Vreede Holland is the leading supplier of 9-cm Phalaenopsis and specialist in peak deliveries of 500,000 pieces, based on variety. The orchids are grown in our greenhouses in an environmentally-friendly way. We have eight exclusive Phalaenopsis varieties that consumers love: a joy to behold, with long shelf lives and excellent price-quality ratios.

  • 1948

    Grandpa De Vreede grows vegetables beneath a few rows of glass sheets in the Dutch village of Nootdorp.
  • 1962

    Son Wim de Vreede takes over the operation. He cultivates cucumbers, Anthuriums and Cymbidiums.
  • 1978

    Herman and John de Vreede bring their talents to the company. They switch over entirely to Cymbidium cultivation.
  • 1990

    The operation now has 28,000 square metres of space and is located in Leidschendam. The Paphiopedilums appear for the first time.
  • 1994

    The company is sold to the municipality of Leidschendam. A new company is set up in Bleiswijk, which exclusively cultivates Paphiopedilums.
  • 1997

    The sorting system with camera is introduced.
  • 1998

    De Vreede Holland begins cultivating Phalaenopsis in an 11-cm pot.
  • 2003

    The Bergschenhoek location is sold.
  • 2004

    The Phalaenopsis is cultivated in a 9-cm pot: a first!
  • 2007

    The location is expanded to 6 hectares.
  • 2008

    Renovation. With the introduction of automation, processing of the large quantities of 9-cm pots can easily take place.
  • 2012

    The company extence with a propagation location the amount of 3 hectares (location Bergschenhoek is sold); after moving the company has 30,000 m2 extra at its disposal, total now 8 ha. De Vreede Holland grows only 9 cm Phalaenopsis.
  • 2015

    A new 3-hectare location is added to the operation. The company now has four establishments with over 11 hectares of glass. De Vreede Holland supplies 9 million plants annually and is the market leader in the area of the 9-cm Phalaenopsis.

Assurances from De Vreede Holland

De Vreede Holland is a reliable, professional partner for the supply of 9-cm Phalaenopsis. Our many years of experience and extensive production facilities are a guarantee of top quality, including peak deliveries of 500,000 pieces. That is why we can promise the following:

  • Always to be on time
    We supply by appointment, on time and without problems.
  • Uniform delivery
    We guarantee supplies of large quantities, based on variety and colour.
  • Consistent quality
    Our own production facility closely monitors quality.
  • Made-to-measure production
    We maintain close consultation with our clients. As the proverb goes, your wish is our command..
  • Innovative ideas
    As a frontrunner in trends, we continue to surprise consumers.
  • Up-to-date certification
    Proof of our sustainable, social-and-environmentally-aware production techniques

Planning a large campaign for supermarkets or builder’s merchant’s. De Vreede Holland can partner with you to meet large requirements and just-in-time deliveries. Contact us for more information.


Raising the quality bar.

Our customers’ audits keep us on our toes, pointing out any needed improvements. And our certification (MPS SQ and Global Gap) are proof of our sustainable, socially-responsible and environmentally-aware production. We work hard every day to raise the quality bar.

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